Saturday, November 30, 2013

BOOK REVIEW - Junky Styling - Wardrobe Surgery

Sooo, as you may already know, I love love love to sew.
Aside from sewing pattern pieces, I also love love love to refashion.

So, some time ago when searching the internet I found the book Junky Styling-Wardrobe Surgery. I ordered it and couldn't wait to look inside to start some of the projects.

Most of the projects made are made from mens clothing...
It was very interesting and gave me some new and exciting ideas, but the one thing in particular that I wanted to make that they did not include was hooded bomber jacket made from a mens blazer. This was one of my top reasons for purchasing the book. That was a disappointment; however, I've slept on the idea for some time now and when I get into that mode, I will construct my own.

But, one of the items I also loved, loved, loved was the suit sleeve scarf and they did include a step by step for it. These scarves can be worn by men or women and will add a stylish collar to any jacket or coat...I think this sleeve scarf would look nice if just worn with a tshirt.
Overall, the book is filled with designs made from men's clothing, there are a few step by steps in there, but not the things I truly wanted to make. But, again, I'll sleep on it and figure out how their garments are constructed.


  1. I love remaking as well -- I"ll have to keep my eyes open for this book! Always love some inspiration.

  2. Right,, and this book does inspire you. When I find the time I'll definitely be making one of the more complex projects in there ...