Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So many thoughts....

I have so many things on mind and so many things I want to do; that is, SEWING. That I just don't know what to do- I'm like at a stand still now and just have to gather my thoughts and begin sewing.

I've already cut my fabric out for my next project (M6844), BUT in the interim of that I saw some scraps and saw a vision for something else and said I was going to whip up some snow pants/coveralls for my daughter to match her jacket that I just made (M5743) that I really wasn't feeling, but now that its growing on me, I think the coveralls will be a nice addition to the jacket- she could wear the coveralls over her clothes when the weather is cold and and still look posh.

So, as I am finishing up the coveralls to match my daughters jacket (M5743)- I am thinking to myself, this might be too much leopard print- I'm thinking I should have made the coveralls in red with maybe a leopard trim on the lower leg- maybe when you roll up the leg, it would roll up leopard- IDK. Hopefully when the complete suit is on her it won't look like a halloween costume.
Hopefully, I will finish this evening with the coveralls.


  1. You're going to love the M6844 cardigan. I just cut my THIRD version of it.

    Your daughter's coat is ADORABLE and the snowpants will set it off as the weather continues to cool.

    1. Yes, I keep hearing that about M6844; I can't wait. I'm just trying to get everything out of the way that requires a black serged seam before I change the color to the color that I am making for M6844.