Saturday, November 2, 2013

Singer Professional 5 Overlock Machine 14T968DC

My new baby..
I upgraded from the Brother 1034D; I needed a machine that could do a cover stitch, and this machine does everything that I need it to do.
For a moment I was scared when I bought this machine, fresh out of the box it didn't work, I had to end up sending it to an authorized facility who could fix it. Singer was definitely going to hear about this if they had not extended my warranty. But, overall it's back and I'm excited to use it and see its capabilities.
I even bought a new table to house it on.
My sewing room is now back to being fully functional.

Here's one of the first items I made with my new serger.
My daughter wasn't feeling too fabulous when I asked her to try on her new outfit.

I used M6785

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