Thursday, November 14, 2013


Ok, so this is like one of my favorite, most comfortable t-shirts ever. This t-shirt has been through thick and thin. I can remember buying two of these, one in black and one in white years ago from Express and have just loved, loved, loved them. These tshirts have even been worn comfortably while I was pregnant, they were the right length and fit and even post pregnancy. I haven't found a t-shirt like this that can compare yet. One thing for sure is, it is time to retire these t-shirts- my white one has lost it white color, the seams are popping and etc....
Soooooo, I am going to try my hand at recreating this t-shirt!!! I know that I can easily find this tshirt pattern on Mccalls website, but I just want to replicate my old time tshirt, because again, it was the perfect fit, length and everything.
So, here's a picture of my white one, along with my daughter Aminah in the picture. 
She calls my dress form "the monster"
In re-doing this t-shirt I looked at Professor Pincushions video on youtube on how to replicate an easy shirt, so I chose this one... wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I want to do that with one of my old favourites that is beginning to reach the stage of do-not-leave-the-house-in-this..... Thanks for the link to the tutorial, as well -- very useful!

  2. Yes, do it! And pls share when you do....