Sunday, November 24, 2013

Coco Chanel Hoola Hoop Purse - Replicated!

Ok, so I made this some time ago. It may have been earlier this year when I saw a sneak peek of CoCo Chanel's 2013 Spring collection. 
I immediately started searching the Internet so I could look at this purse from different angles so I could see how it was constructed.
Soooo, it was burning my sewl up as to figure out how I would put this together- and as always when this happens when I go to sleep at night , I will dream about it.
So, the next morning I visited the Home Depot for some tubing. I found exactly what I was looking for, plus I found a gold tone "something" that is used to close piping- Perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. 
I couldn't believe I was at the Home Depot searching for what I needed to construct a purse.
Next, I went to my favorite store- Joann Fabrics and bought white quilting fabric,  came home and anxiously started drafting a pattern.... It was quite simple- I just had to create the perfect circle that would fit inside and be functional inside the tubing.

Sooo, (drum role) here's my replica of CoCo Chanel's Hoola Hoop purse


Now, I do realize this purse will not be functional; therefore, when my sewing room is expanded, I will be putting my replica on display!!
And to finish it off, I'll have to visit my nearest Dollar store or accessory store and find a knock off pair of Coco Chanel earrings to attach to the front.
Overall, this was a super fun project- I was excited every step of the way..
IF, I ever decide to make this purse functional, I'll need to figure out a way to permanently attach the purse to the tubing, but in the mean time, I used my sweety pies industrial stapler to hold the purse together, and of course I simply inserted a magnetic clip for the front closure.

I hope you like!!

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