Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mccalls Pattern M6751 view A

Soooo, there is quite some history behind this top. A friend of mine initially asked if I could make this top, however, the picture was an Alexander Wang criss cross t-shirt. When I first saw the criss cross t-shirt I also fell in love with it and was determined to make this top. I searched the internet and all patten companies and could not find anything like it. Therefore, I was on a mission to draft my own pattern! To my success I was successful in drafting my own and was satisfied with the finished product, BUT had some alterations, but in the interim of the alterations Mccalls came out with this pattern and I immediately bought it, made it and I love it. Although it doesn't have the capped sleeves, I am satisfied. I can still alter my version (someday).

MY INSPIRATION- Alexander Wang- Criss Cross T-shirt
 And, I must say that this top works well under a blazer..
Also, I left off the pocket on the front.

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